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Mahalia Cassidy - One of the fittest players in Suncorp Super Netball!

#MahaliaCassidy plays Centre and Wing Defence with the #SunshineCoastLightning and would be one of the fittest players in the Suncorp #SuperNetball competition.

Mahalia is described by her teammates as a 'workhorse'. She is consistent, never gives up and is safe with the ball in hand.

How would you describe the role of Centre in a team?

I feel like that the centre role is the primary connection which links the attack end to the defence end and vice versa.

The centre works very closely in partnership with the WD to put pressure on the attackers and try to slow the ball down for the circle defence behind us.

In attack, the centre plays a 'trailing' and 'filling' role with the WA and delivers ball to the shooters in the circle.

What is your favourite thing about playing Centre?

I have a love/hate relationship with the repeated efforts that are required whilst playing centre! Being able to be involved and have an impact all over court is something I love about the position.

You are super fit and seem to have so much on energy on the netball court. What intensity do you train with and how does that help you come game day?

I like to think that I am a very hard trainer, I like the idea of coming into training and giving it my all with high intensity and a lot of energy. Through training like this, I hope that it translates into my play on game day as it has become a habit.

There are definitely days at training though when I'm feeling exhausted or haven't had a good night sleep and you just have to try your best to perservere and get through it! On those days, it helps alot to use the energy from your team mates to get through

How do you do you stay fit in the off-season?

Previously, a few of my 'off-seasons' consisted of knee rehabbing as I was coming back from knee injuries.

This off-season has been a bit different as I have had probably the most amount of time away from netball in a long time. I like to try and maintain some sort of strength/power training as I know this helps in injury prevention which is something very important to me. Other than that, there is no set structure/plan to staying fit, just doing whatever feels good and makes me happy. This off-season it has mainly consisted of pilates, long walks with the dog and some riding (off the road).

What is your favourite quote?

Work and you’ll get what you need; work harder and you’ll get what you want.

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