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The biggest behavioural change that led to my selection in high-performance programs

Breaking into high-performance programs is no easy feat, particularly #netball programs, where there’s over three hundred thousand registered players within Australia alone.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple recipe for #success. It requires hard work, perseverance, great #coaching, unwavering passion and thirst for continued growth and #development.

One of the biggest learnings I had during my junior career, which resulted in the biggest gain, and selection into the Netball Victoria pathway, was the realisation of intent and effort.

Now I was never known as a ‘lazy player’ however, I was able to get through training, with minimal effort, and relied on my natural ability to turn it on, on game day.

It wasn’t until I arrived at my first Victorian State Netball Trial that I realised the intensity and fitness requirements was another step up. I was exhausted on completion of the sessions! I missed out on selection that year, and I understood that physically I was not on the same level of those who progressed through.

The non-selection was a light bulb moment for me, a talented girl from the bush.

I needed to work harder and smarter! This didn’t mean completing more sessions, I need to lift my work rate in my existing sessions, to train the way I wanted to play.

This revelation was huge. My on-court performance improved dramatically. With the increased fitness, meant that I could concentrate for longer and be able to execute pinpoint passing and movement.

So, when you are on your way to your next session, make a commitment to yourself to put in 100%, because that will not only benefit you, your teammates will also benefit as you rise to the challenge to compete.

Caitlyn Nevins

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